A happy employee is a productive employee. One factor that greatly affects worker happiness and satisfaction is motivation. When employees perform job duties that give them a sense of satisfaction and make them feel valuable, they are motivated to push on toward the next goal. You can play a key role in motivating your team by facilitating a work environment that encourages lifelong learning opportunities.

Offer both internal and external support to your employees who wish to further their education. You may have some who wish to pursue a degree and others who simply want to gain skills that will help them perform their jobs better.

Learning is a lifelong process, and the workplace should be a place of constant opportunity. If you make employee lifelong learning an integral part of your agency, you will stand above the rest when it comes to attracting and retaining the best hires.

How can you support lifelong learning in your agency? If it is at all feasible, consider offering tuition assistance programs to help your employees achieve their educational goals. If you have a trained and knowledgeable staff, it will benefit your company as well as each individual.

Another option is to consider having in-house training sessions on relevant subjects. This could be done by hiring an instructor to come in and teach or by offering online learning classes. This could also be an opportunity to provide cross-training to help employees who wish to advance in their careers.

You want to keep your best employees and attract top new talent. One way of achieving this goal is by providing opportunities to your employees for continue their education and expand their career goals. Not only does the employee benefit, but you also benefit by having a highly trained and motivated staff of agency employees willing to perform above and beyond your expectations.