In the spring of 2007, Andy Ferrera was working with a home builder company in the residential real estate market.  It had been a little over a year since he had been in active service with the US Marine Reserve.

Andy knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, like many with a military background the idea of owning a small business held great appeal.  However, at 26 years old, with the real estate industry beginning to show signs of a recession, he was looking for stability.  Being relatively new to the real estate industry, Andy felt he did not have experience or funds to survive the real estate market downturn.   Therefore, he started taking a hard look at the insurance industry.  He had several interviews including one with Country Financial.  “Country really made me feel like I was going to own my business” Andy reflects on his interview process with Country Financial.  “They made me feel like I could really build something that would be mine.”  Country Financial presented Andy with the opportunity he needed and a sense of support and stability. 

Three years later, in 2011, Andy met Dan Huffstetter of Chicagoland SIA following the recommendation of a fellow agent who had just left the captive market and started his own business as an independent agent.  Andy was intrigued.  “I had the vision,” Andy says, “but my wife had just gone back to school after losing her job.  The timing was all wrong.”

Andy continued with the Captive market for another four years. “I was losing customers, and I couldn’t offer them anything else. It was a very frustrating thing.”  Andy recalls, “I had a family to support, a newborn baby, I worked hard but I was not making a fair living.” Yet he still felt he did not have the money or resources to start his own agency.

In July 2016 Andy reached out to Dan Huffstetter and made an appointment to meet with Dan and Craig Concklin.   They discussed he and his wife Jerin, becoming Independent Strategic Members (ISM) and opening their own agency.  Yet cash flow continued to be a problem.

Finally, in April 2019, Andy and Jerin were able to realize their dream of opening their own Independent Insurance Agency.  We are excited to welcome them to Chicagoland SIA.

Andy Ferrera is a father of two (Braden, 6ys & Gianna, 4ys) and, along with his wife Jerin, is the proud owner of Andrew Ferrera Insurance Agency.