17197022 - abstract word cloud for exit interview with related tags and termsAre you conducting exit interviews with your employees who have turned in their resignations? You should be. It is a great way to learn more about your agency, its strengths and weaknesses.

What questions should you ask? How about these: Why did you look for another job? What concerns have you had over time? Were those concerns ever voiced? What caused you to accept the next position? What do you like – and dislike- about our agency? What are your thoughts on management here? Did we provide the necessary resources for your job here? What will you miss about your job? What didn’t you like about your position here? What motivated you here? How can we make our agency better? What should your replacement have for skills and qualities? You can also ask questions about their role in your agency as well as their salary and benefits.

Even better than waiting for the exit interview is to talk candidly with your employees throughout the year. By doing so, you can learn more about their experiences, make any needed changes and provide explanations if necessary to help keep those valuable employees.

Be open to your employee’s input during an exit interview, even if emotions run high. And always thank them for their contributions to your agency. You never know when your paths may cross again.