45441568 - email concept with laptop and handsDoes your agency use email in marketing campaigns to clients? Even if you do not, you likely email customers on a regular basis. It is also highly probable that from time to time, these emails are not seen by your customers because they were caught in a spam filter or blocked entirely. It doesn’t always matter that your email is legitimate. It can still get marked as spam.

What exactly is “spam?” A spam email is unsolicited correspondence sent in bulk messages often for the purpose of enticing the reader to buy a certain product or sign up for a service. Spam emails can also be more malicious in purpose, targeting unsuspecting recipients with links to websites that are fake. When the user clicks on the link, the cyber criminal can then access the user’s files and steal personal information.

Here are three tips for avoiding spam filters.

#1. Include an “unsubscribe” link

If your agency is involved in an email marketing campaign, your emails must include an “unsubscribe” link or a way to opt out. If you do not, you are taking a chance of having recipients flag your email as spam. Any unsubscribe requests should be honored within 10 business days.

#2. Stay away from spam target words

Some email networks have built-in spam filters that look for target words that indicate an email may be spam. Some words and phrases to stay away from include: amazing, special offer, buy now, click here, risk-free, check or money order, etc. If you’d like to check your email before sending to see if it may trigger spam filters, there is a free tool called ISnotSPAM.

#3. Follow best practices for images

If you use images in your emails (which may help with user engagement), you must be careful not to make the image too big. The maximum width should be no more than 600-800 pixels. Never send an image-only email and do not use very high-resolution images. These high-resolution images have a large file size which may trigger spam filters.

Effective communication with clients is a key component of agency success. We are always on the lookout for ways to help your agency grow!